Finally gone mirrorless

Nikon Zf
I knew I would eventually have to go mirrorless. The big appeal was the vastly improved autofocus systems on the latest cameras, and the use of focus peaking for manual focus lenses (being a great fan of Lensbaby lenses). I thought I'd hold on till my trusty Nikon D610 and D750 became too expensive to maintain or repair. Of course, sod's law, they still continue to soldier on beautifully although the D750 has damage to the back screen and is losing its leatherette coating in places. I had a "mirrorless saving fund" on the go for a couple of years and eventually it reached sufficient enough to start looking. I was only looking mind. I wasn't actually going to buy yet. Z6 II? or wait for Z6 III (announced yesterday)? I don't need 45 megapixels in a Z7- way too big a file size. I can't justify Z8 and Z9 prices. But then I saw the Zf and that was it. Yes, I know it's style over function to a certain extent. And it's heavy. And it hasn't got a decent ergonomic grip. And it uses a microSD card. And the buttons are not in the "right" places. And there's no function buttons. And there's no "joystick" button. And... and... But I don't do video, and it's such a gorgeous looking camera I bought one from Grays of Westminster - still waiting for the Small Rig grip though. Should I have waited for the Z6 III (which is £600 more than the Zf at the moment)? Absolutely not - I made the right decision (for me and my style of photography). I'm also determined to show that the Zf is good for sport (motor racing, football) despite what all the reviewers say.