Laptop on its last legs

Time for a replacement
My Toshiba Satellite laptop has served me well for nearly 8 years, but apart from being overloaded with all my demands on it (photo editing, scanning, printing, cataloguing, Zooming, social media, online banking, music system....) it has started to break down. First the screen, then the webcam, and recently the keyboard. So I've bitten the bullet and ordered a local computer shop to build me a tower PC again since my laptop rarely leaves my desk these days. In preparation for the arrival of the new PC I purchased a keyboard and mouse - a Logitech MK540. I have connected it to my laptop (wirelessly of course) together with the accompanying mouse, and I was impressed with how it instantly installed and was ready to go. Strange going back to a full size keyboard and "proper" keys after the small slimline ones on the laptop but I'm sure I''ll get used to it soon. It seems to be a very robust and well built keyboard and a nice "heavy" ergonomic mouse, both running from the same dongle which is a bonus.