August 2020

More of the same...
Not a lot of change really, the lock down restrictions still putting a dampener on many photographic activities. New image opportunities included the sunflowers at Desborough, a pre-season friendly football match between Rothwell Corinthians and Burton Park Wanderers, and a charity match at Broughton Old Boys in the pouring rain and cold wind. I also visited my home town of Stamford to record some street scenes that matched scenes I'd shot in the 1980s, a sort of "then and now".Zoom meetings continue to be the main photo sharing activity, and I have observed competition judging at Corby Photographic Club and Leicester Forest Photographic Society by this method. I also used Zoom to see a Royal Photographic Society talk by Guy Edwardes about his macro and close-up photography.I entered some images in the RPS Digital Imaging Group PDI Competition, and I had one acceptance in the 2020 Beyond Group Exhibition.