June 2020

Ticking over
Face To Face
Thank goodness for my Affinity Photo workbook. It has kept my brain ticking over this month - some interesting exercises and a steep learning curve, but this software is now my "go to" step for post processing images. I've also done a lot of 35mm negative scanning, and experimenting with ways of scanning 127 film negatives. With my two camera clubs still 100% locked down I wonder if, when and how they will resume activities again - if indeed they do restart, given their low membership and poor financial status. I have watched a couple of Zoom talks - Paul Gallagher on RAW Processing, organised by the RPS Digital Imaging Group, and another RPS talk given by Steve Gosling about creativity in photography (I even bought the book!).Trying to keep avenues open for showing my photos, I've continued to put photos on various Facebook pages, and a critique section on a camera club page. I also entered the 2020 Wyvern Salon, a first for me because I have only been entering BPE Exhibitions. I tweeked this website of mine a bit - I increased the number of photos allowed on it and rearranged some galleries. The few photos I've taken this month have been on my smartphone or my Olympus TG4 compact. My DSLRs and heavy lenses have remained in the camera bag. I really need to get back to some serious snapping!