June 2019

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Lots to be pleased about in June - apart from the fact that I celebrated (if that's the right word) my birthday. Competition-wise I did well in the camera club's Print Heat 3, winning both the colour and monochrome sections, thanks to the judge Alan Goldby from Kempston Camera Club. That was followed up with a win in the Digital Projected Image Heat 3, this time thanks to Dave Stewart of Deepings Camera Club. As a club we were not so successful, losing in a print battle with Abington Camera Club, my prints managing to scrape in with marks of 16 out of 20. The club had a brilliant print talk "Photography My Passion" from Bob Underhill of Smethwick Photographic Society, and a very entertaining Audio-Visual evening which enabled me to show a few of my efforts. A couple of judging engagements took place, at Northampton Natural History Society Photographic Section, and at Abington Camera Club. They both seemed to go down well - nobody attacked me afterwards! I was looking forward to paying a visit to the new Studio58 in Kettering but the model cancelled, and the new date was not convenient for me, but I did have a great day at a Fashion Workshop at Natural Light Studio in Weedon, with the fabulous Alexandra Frances McCue and the tutelage of Tris Dawson, Steve Harrington doing the styling. My first proper visit to the Black Country Museum was fascinating, and produced some very interesting images (I think, anyway). As a bit of a petrolhead I enjoyed a visit to Burghley Park in Stamford, where the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club were holding their annual rally - hundreds of RRs and Bentleys in this most English of settings. After much dithering I finally upgraded my DxO Nik Collection, mainly because it came with their RAW Editing software - more stuff to try and get my head round.