February 2019

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The Desborough and Rothwell Photographic Society is now back in full swing, and the first print competition of the year brought some success, coming 1st and 2nd in the colour section, and 2nd and 3rd in the monochrome section. Unfortunately it was the complete opposite with the projected images competition, where none of my four images got anywhere. Ah well, the ups and owns of competition photography! I had a very fruitful studio booking with the lovely Cariad at Open Studio in Market Harborough - my first visit there. The East Midlands Monochrome Group had a very impressive exhibition at The Castle, Wellingborough, and I was pleased to see it contained four of my prints. Other modest exhibition successes elsewhere include one image accepted in the 2019 Clay Cross exhibition (my first success in Clay Cross, so it's encouraging). Also two projected images accepted in Midphot 2019 and three in the 2019 Bristol Salon. Football - Stamford v Gresley, photos as usual put in Flickr and on the Stamford AFC website. I renewed my IAC licence to allow me to use music from my collection in audio-visual shows. I know a lot of people don't bother to licence their use of music, or only use "copyright free" (more accurately "reproduction fee free") music, but at only £8.54 it's good have a clear conscience and the freedom to pick any music that I have.