December 2018

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Photographically another quiet month really, with both camera clubs I belong to closing down for the festive season. I attended the DRPS Social Evening, and helped to put up and take down the club's tree at the local Christmas Tree Festival on the theme of "Happiness", so I supplied some suitable prints to adorn it. Active photography was largely confined to football, supplying images to websites and Facebook pages from the games involving Stamford v Pickering, Stamford v Mansfield Town and the local derby Rothwell Corinthians v Desborough Town. I was very pleased to be asked to supply images for the programme covers at Stamford AFC - it's good to see your own work "in print" as it were. I took the lull in activity to do some more negative scanning from the 1980's and 1990's - ah, memories! I've ordered my ticket for The Photo Show in March, not that I'm on the lookout for any new equipment or software. I have deleted my two talks from the PAGB Handbook and replaced them with two new titles "It's Not All About Iceland" and "Trevor's People". All I've got to do now is put the talks together... I have just submitted entries online to the 2019 Vale Of Evesham Exhibition and the Southampton International Salon. I have never had an acceptance at either exhibition in the past, so maybe this year will see a change in my fortunes. Fingers crossed.