October 2018

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This month I judged a projected image competition at Deepings Camera Club - a good crowd and lots of excellent images to make my life difficult. The next night I was at Leicester Forest Photographic Society to give my print talk "Pieces Of Eight" which seemed to go down very well with the sizeable audience. Then the following night my own camera club showed the images from the 2018 MCPF Photofolio, and I was pleased to see that one of my entries had made it into the audio-visual sequence of accepted images. The following week I was at St. Neots judging prints and projected images. Again, a good crowd and lots of excellent images. Then a trip to the Mercia Group of camera clubs in Coventry to give my presentation of "Judges - Love Them or Hate Them?" which promoted the usual lively debate and discussion! Colin Lusby gave an excellent print talk "Photography - Art For the Untalented" to our club, and proved that actually photography is an excellent medium for artistic expression. We also held our Projected Image Of The Year Competition this month, which I was fortunate to win with "Regrets" - thanks to our judge Steve Dormer. I completed my audio-visual sequence using the images from our cruise along the Seine - a nice short travelogue to remind ourselves of the holiday. Football photography included Desborough v Daventry in the UCL, and Stamford v Carlton in the Evo-Stik League. A very wet Sunday spent in Newark and Lincoln - not many photo opportunities there, so must revisit when the weather is better. I did take the opportunity to visit the Usher Gallery for the first time - some lovely work on display there, and it's free entry.. My Nikon D750 has now lost two eyecups, so I ordered several spares from Amazon. Let's hope these stay in place a bit better. And at the end of the month we drove up to Keswick for our usual week in the Lake District. More of that in next month's blog, hopefully.