September 2018

I was invited back this year to judge the Daventry PS's Hollis Trophy. This time the other panel members were John Lewis and Keith Long. It took about 5 hours, but this included another delicious lunch provided by the lovely Linda Wilson. The East Midlands Monochrome Group had a critique evening led by Dave Stewart of Deepings CC, so it was a busy day of photography. Later in the month there was an Assignment Evening on the theme of "British Architecture" so I submitted a print of the graffiti on a bridge over the canal in Birmingham. The Desborough and Rothwell PS resumed activities after the summer break, so I was back on tea/coffee duty. So far we've seen the results of the 2018 Neith Exhibition, had the final Print Heat of 2018, judged by Peter Going, and a talk by John Lewis on Social Documentary Photography. Football-wise I only managed to get to the UCL match Desborough and Wellingborough Whitworths. I paid a return visit to Bedworth and Exhall PS to do some judging, and also Northampton CC. The portrait photographer Donald MacLellan had a retrospective exhibition at the gallery in Weedon - unusual to have major photograph exhibitions in Northamptonshire, so I had to pay a visit. I also went to a meeting of the RPS Easter Region at Whatton for talks by photographers Sarah Wilkes and Emma Jayne. Then it was an interesting holiday river cruise down the Seine, with lots of images now awaiting post-processing. I managed to lose another eyecup from my Nikon D750 - that's the second one. It does seem to be a problem with this particular model. I've never had an issue with my other Nikon DSLRs. So I ordered another 4 from Amazon...