July 2018

Far too hot! I'm definitely not a sun worshipper, photographically or health wise.
July saw my first visit to Natural Light Studios at Weedon with the lovely Alice Katz. Lots of images but I can't seem to get the post-processing right to do her (and my ideas) justice.
I attended a couple of meetings of the East Midlands Monochrome Group but the attendance was poor and the group is struggling to keep going - a shame.
My main camera club, the DRPS, has closed for the summer so Friday nights are now "free".
I took my MX5 to the Kimbolton Country Fayre and Classic Car Show, another very successful event but only a few photos taken.
I also visited the Patchings Art Festival, sadly lacking much photographic input on the Saturday now that they have the Sunday as a Fotofest with a £40 entry price.
My Nikon D7000 has developed a "sticky on-off switch" but a quote of over £100 for the repair means that it will have to stay sticky...
Three days spent at the Silverstone Classic, my annual feast of cars and motor sport and photography.
My trusty Eyelead gel sensor cleaner failed to remove a smear from my D610 sensor, so I bought a Visible Dust pack and the swab seems to have done the trick.
Visited Althorp House now that we have joined the Historic Houses Association. Fabulous place, wonderful collection of paintings, but unfortunately no photography allowed.