May 2018

Having a new kitchen installed this month tended to disrupt the routines and got in the way of photography at times (other than keeping a daily record of the state of the kitchen). Being confined to barracks much of the time did give me the opportunity to back up some photos. I'm a belt-and-braces man, so all my images end up on three separate hard drives and, eventually, also end up on a DVD. I also scanned a few old colour negatives, and took the time to make some audio-visual shows with Pictures To Exe. One was inspired by a drumming track found on a 50p CD from a local charity shop, which seemed ideal for images of a Sealed Knot musket firing. I also came across online a track called "All The Pretty Girls" by Kodea, so I matched that up with some of the portraits taken at the Leicester Forest Studio Group. Some AVs were shown at the camera club on a "15 Minutes Of Fame" night. A shame that there were only 10 people in the audience. I managed to get three digital images accepted in the MCPF Photofolio exhibition, but got nothing in the Robin Hood exhibition. Steve Williams from Kettering gave an interesting talk on "street photography" at the club, and on "the wedding day" we held a street party which naturally produced a few snaps from me. Two new models at the Studio Group, Claire and Alex. Problems with the studio lights meant I really did do some "street photography" with Alex outside the building. I bought a second hand D750 from the local camera shop. It turns out it is subject to a recall for a new shutter. At first I was disappointed, but then I realised that I could send it to Nikon at no cost to myself and end up with a camera with a new shutter etc. - making it a better bargain than I thought! Looking forward to its return. Print Heat 3 at the club was another disappointment, with neither of my 2 colour prints making the final cut. But I still like them! A coach trip to Much Wenlock was interesting even if not very productive photographically. The "ironbridge" at Ironbridge is covered in plastic whilst undergoing restoration so that was hardly photogenic either.